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The DrillLing Method

What is grammar drilling?

It is systematic repetition of a set of grammar exercises that leads to improvement in a particular area.

Why is grammar drilling effective?

Language is a skill, similar to riding a bike or playing the piano. That is why our brain consolidates grammar competence through repetition. The brain stores a given word or grammar structure in long term memory only when it gets used and repeated in at least a few contexts. Thanks to numerous repetitions, a pattern for grammatical structures is created. When you speak, your brain retrieves that pattern. The longer the training, the better the chance that grammatical forms used in everyday communication are recollected and properly used.

What is the DrillLing Method?

The DrillLing Method combines the elements of grammar drilling, neurodidactics and applied learning technology. It is the result of our long-standing experience with foreign language teaching and creating innovative technological solutions applied in education.

The DrillLing Method is based on 4 key assumptions:

Automatic acquisition of grammar structures through repetition

It is so-called mechanical drilling. You practice grammar and make progress through repetition. As a result, your brain transfers grammatical structures to long term memory. Short series of exercises facilitate the process and require less concentration.

Solving a particular grammar problem

Thanks to an extensive database of questions, you can practice a particular grammar area at random. By answering questions focused on the grammatical structure, you repeat and consolidate the material and, as a result, learn the grammatical competence.

Examples taken from everyday communication

Many traditional textbooks consist of phrases that do not relate to the contemporary world. Our application allows you to practice grammar using examples taken from everyday life. As a result, in addition to grammar, you automatically assimilate many expressions useful in everyday communication.

Progress measurement with the innovative Drill Index tool

Drill Index is an advanced tool for measuring your progress in a particular grammar area. The index reflects many factors such as your current level, the number of “drills” you have done, and your motivation. Thanks to these numerous factors, this tool will provide you with a reliable evaluation of your knowledge.

Thanks to the DrillLing Method, Gramaster is much more than yet another webpage with tests or a textbook with grammar exercises. It is an advanced application that combines high quality content, methodological solutions, progress measurement tools, and new technologies.

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